2009年10月29日 星期四

Hermes- the Silk Bar

Had a visit to the Silk Bar of Hermes in Festival Walk with my friends lately.
It was an interesting and enriching experience. In the silk bar, there was Hermes’ latest scarf collection. The most interesting thing was the silk ambassadors there demonstrating ways we could wear the silk scarves.

My friend - Cloud.

There were bartenders making drinks and live DJ for music. The atmosphere is pleasant.

It is a good way to make HK people aware of silk scarves can be a good choice of accessories for both men & ladies. (There were not few men, including my friend. Sadly, he was not willing to take a photo for me=P ) Getting people involved is always a good way to enhance its brand recognition and brand preference.

In addition, Hermes has chosen the right places (causeway bay & Kowloon Tong) which help it attract young and wealthy university students and adults.
By Chanice

2009年10月26日 星期一

Gucci-icon temporary project: temporary pop-up sneaker store

Gucci has launched their latest pop-up shop style endeavor with their Gucci Icon-Temporary project. The flash sneaker store will touch down in six or seven locations around the world where "tastemakers" gather, such as Art Basil Miami Beach, staying open for two or three weeks in each spot. The first stop on the tour is Crosby Street in New York and it is opened on Oct. 23. Other stops will include London, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and also Hong Kong.

For this unique retail initiative, Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini has collaborated with award-winning musical artist Mark Ronson on the design of a limited edition collection of Gucci Ronson sneakers.

Together with this project,Gucci also launched the ground-breaking Gucci App for iPhone and iPod touch which allows users to interact uniquely while inside the flash store and also exclusively purchase a second Gucci-Ronson sneaker.
It is now available from the App Store. The app synthesizes the worlds of fashion, technology and music offering access to exclusive Gucci products, unique playlists, videos, fashion shows, news, events, latest collections, store listings and the ability to mix your own music.

to be continue XP

By Sel

Happy 5th to Jill Stuart

the sweet cosmetic brand Jill Stuart is 5 year olds this year! and in order to celebrate it, it opened a new store at Langham Place Seibu on 26 October. Jill Stuart designed a Jewel collection for every one who loves it. This collection aims to bring the users with happiness and blessings, so nice Jill Stuart is!!!!

2009 is really an amazing year for fashion lovers.

By Cathy=]

Maria Luisa at Printempts

French label Maria Luisa has been invited to collaborate with Printemps, opened a 2,600 square feets shop-in-shop.

The coming collection of Maria Luisa will be named" Style for less", which blends fashion and daily life together. If you guys can't wait to take a look of her new collection, you can go to her store at Lee Garden in Hong Kong

By Cathy=]

The tenth of http://www.izzue.com

this year is the tenth year of http://www.izzue.com established. http://www.izzue.com has been spreading out its brand to China, Taiwan, thailand etc since 2002, and this september, it entered the Paris fashion market and held a fall/winter fashion show at Salon Opera of Lafayette

The new store in Paris will be opened at Galeries Lafateyte, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris.

http://www.izzue.com is a local brand by I.T limited, it is really a hot talk of its move to this fashion world. We should be proud of it.

By Cathy =]

2009年10月22日 星期四

Hermes Silk Bar by Suet

Hermes Scarf is one of the most famous products of Hermes. In October, Hermes started to launch the biggest scarf event in Hong Kong. Hermes has used the theme of Silk Bar to share the different methods for wearing Hermes scarf with customers for this project .
These photos show the Hermes Silk Bar in Causeway Bay, which is movable and decorated with Hermes silk scarf. Since 'Bar theme' is applied, the decoration should look like a bar in order to display Hermes scarf in a relaxing atmosphere.

This silk bar is now in Festival Walk LG2 and will be held until 28 of October, don't miss the chance to take part in it!!
by suet

2009年10月20日 星期二

LV Speedy Exhibition @ Taipei Breeze Center by Annie

Louis Vuittion held an exhibition to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its classic product Monogram Speedy at Taiwan last month.

The exhibition showed a huge chandelier composed of 110 Speedy bags which has a total worth of around HKD$700,000.

This huge decoration creates a shocking effect as it is placed at the entrance of Breeze Center. Everyone must see this once you enter the mall.

There is a hidden gold version.

The bags are picking up by dummy hands.

The size, quantity and the value of the bags give people a luxorious impression. It is really a good way to promote brand image and attract people's attention.

By Annie

2009年10月19日 星期一

Adidas 60th anniversary house party by Christine

The “Adidas 60th anniversary house party” was a masterful experiment in creating covert brand awareness. The exterior of the venue featured giant Adidas logos projected onto neighboring buildings and an Adidas branded ice-cream truck was parked out front giving away free ice-cream!

The d.j. booth at the center was built to resemble an Adidas shoe box!
The interior of the space was a sea of props including various logos, an Adidas scooter, and a tennis room.

Ringed by the runway was a large faux swimming pool filled with plastic balls colored in Adidas hues.
The unique spectacle of the converted factory, combined with the huge turnout made the Adidas anniversary another legendary mega-party.
by Christine

2009年10月18日 星期日

Invitation of New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 by being

Numerous invitations would sent to guests in order to get them to the shows. Here my favourites that found from web

photos © The Fashion Informer/Lauren David Peden

by being

2009年10月17日 星期六

Gucci Jewelry Advertising in Japan Magazines

Gucci has launched a limited edition collection for jewelry in Japan, this collection is only selling in Japan, which represent Love, Hope, Faith and Luck!!

The advertisings are posted in a Japan magazine, the left one was posted on the first few page, and the right one was posted on the last few page.
For the first advertisement which is informing the customer about the Gucci Jewerly Limited Edition in order to gain awareness of the customers and the other advertisement which show more details about the products like rings and necklaces, besides showing the details of the collection, it also remain the customer about this collection in a short time.
Gucci has posted the informational and reminder advertising on one time.

by suet

2009年10月16日 星期五

Diesel Heartschallenger Pop-Up Shop ♥ Causeway Bay

♥ Satisfy your sweet tooth while shopping Diesel’s latest collection. The pop-up shop collaboration between Diesel and Heartschallenger features Diesel’s 2009Fall/Winter jewellery and accessories collection, as well as sweet treats from the candy retailer. For those of us who are not familiar with this candy retailer, well, Heartschallenger is a New York based sweets shop that specializes in ice cream, candy and toys from all over the world. Looks a lot like a recent collaboration we just saw with the Pedder/ Dylan pop-up store earlier this year…nonetheless its a sweet idea.
♥ With its cute pink ice cream truck facade, and interiors that looks like an ice cream parlour, the pop-up store at 2-4 Kingston Street in
Causeway Bay is hard to miss. The pop-shop is only open for a month, from October 8 to November 8, 2009. Pop on in, if you are in the neighbourhood.

♥ Heartschallenger’s mobile fleet is a brilliant idea on many levels. Who’s gonna miss a bright pink ice-cream truck driving by? In addition to housing their stores, the vehicles are a rolling advertisement! The fact that they actually sell ice-cream may indeed be a loophole that allows them to operate in locations where they would normally be prohibited from selling. It’s genius!
In an era where you’re able to communicate with a massive amount of people in real-time, having a mobile shop isn’t much of a detriment. Sending out a quick tweet on Twitter, or a status update on Facebook, could enable them to immediately alert potential customers of their location.

ShopDate: October 8-November 8, 2009
Where: Shop 3A, 2-4 Kingston Street, Causeway Bay.
Tel: 2890-1626
When: From 12noon-10pm daily

Christine ♥

2009年10月15日 星期四

Wow!!! We have follower!!!

Dear all,

I am so happy to announce that after establishing our blog for just a short period of time, we got a follower!!!

I would post the pop-up art store of Joyce, Hong Kong, very soon.
Please Look forward to it.


François Nars' celebrity portraits with Marc Jacobs

François Nars said that “When you make up someone you want them to feel good and beautiful. With photography, it’s the same: Make the light beautiful, have fun.” 15×15, as his new tome is called, will be available for 30 days only when it bows in mid-November, and there’s a countdown to its release currently in progress at www.15×15project.com. The celebrity portraits in the new book channel iconic images, people, and emotions while giving some face time (or nail time, as the case may be) to a classic Nars product.

That would be Nars Dovima lacquer on Marc Jacobs, who is re-enacting a sixties-era Richard Avedon photo above. Other friends of the brand, including Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness, and Olivier Theyskens.

I think using celebrity portraits is effective in attracting people to see their works and products. Especially Marc Jacobs, one of the most famous and successful designers in the industry is invited to join this campaign. Moreover, the portraits will be available for 30 days only and there is aa countdown clock showed in the website. This help to make noise and arouse people's anticipation to the release of the work. I think this special way of presenting the products from Nars will give a deep impression for us.

By Buzz

2009年10月14日 星期三

New Technology: Interactive Portal Shirt

Embedded with a LCD screen and a camera, this T-shirt can capture, transmit images and therefore allows the wearers to share the same images with others. The camera in one T-shirt can transmit the video to the other one via wireless technology. For example, as shown in the picture, the blue T-shirt can show the video captured by the orange one. As a result, you may have to buy these T-shirts in pairs. Lovers, get them!
Selling Price: $99.99
Copy from "New idea Homepage"

By Pan

2009年10月13日 星期二

London design festival 2009

Amazing installation!!! :)
Tom Dixon bulb's installation at Trafalgar Square, thousands of eco-light bulb was giving out to public for promotion.

Tent London's design exhibition shown in The Old Truman Brewery

the irregularities model of LV monogram bag from Zaha Hadid, the Starchitect of Chanel Mobile Art @ Design Museum

by being