2009年12月10日 星期四

Peach John x'mas card

when passing through the TST store, i got a PJ x'mas card!
five postcards with high quality showing its products and blessings + lovely stickers

it's clever to use xmas card to deliver the message for blessings and also show the various choice of gifts for your love but i like the stickers most :)

be being

Sonia Rykiel X H&M

start from a flannelet page found in MilkX which followings pages present latest collaboration products
it's nice to catch readers not to miss this ad! :)

by being

2009年12月5日 星期六

LACE UP. SAVE LIVES. ---- Nike joins the (RED) movement

This is the new item found in Nike stores recently.
Inside the box is a pair of shoe laces.

The Nike and (RED) concept is a to invite people to “Lace Up. Save Lives” by buying a pair of NIKE RED laces. 100% of the profit from the laces will be donated to (RED) to help fighting AIDS in Africa.
The project is being done globally. For Nike, this collaboration creates consumer awareness and participation. For us, it is meaningful! It costs us $28 only to purchase 1 set! A simple act can help fighting AIDS. Let’s tell others and do something RED!

It can be brought online.
It is reported by that some more NIKE RED products are coming soon.
For further information, simply visit http://www.nike.com/nikefootball/red/home?locale=en_US

by Chanice

2009年11月24日 星期二

Camper X Jim Chim Sui-man

Jim Chim is a famous stage actor and comdeian. He was collaborated with a footwear brand Camper for the publicity in Causeway Bay. He worked with a group of mine actors and performed at the CWB pedestrian area, along the way that attract pedestrian for gaining attention.
Jim Chim wore a outfit which is an imitation of a famous French director and actor Jacques Tati of trench coat and hat, briefcases and pipe and umbrella. He carried a brifecase that is red in color and showed the brand name of Camper. Also, his shoes are in red color too as red is the signature color of Camper. They performed mime which means silent comedy to gain attention from pedestrian.

I think this event is successful as the collaboration with famous actor can make noise in the market effectively. Many newspapers has reported this event which saves the cost of posting advertisments in newspaper of Camper. Besides, a lot of pedestrian were attracted to the show as the venue is one of the most busy place in Causeway Bay. The event enable Camper to get expolsure to many of its potential customers in the popular shopping area. Furthermore, this event is very creative and new to consumers which can build up positive brand image in consumers' mind.

2009年11月20日 星期五

Sadly, several of the interesting single-building boutiques at the end of On Lan Street are being forced to move out.

Walking on nearby Ice House Street the other day, I was shocked to see new Comme des Garcons, Martin Margiela, and Neighborhood stores under construction.The I.T. Group did a noteworthy job designing the boutiques and bringing a special vibe to the street.

In the case of the On Lan Street shops, I.T. did a fantastic job endowing each one with a branded personality. Attached to a larger, multi-tenant building, it will be very difficult to recreate something similar.

the facade of the Billionaire Boys Club / Ice Cream shop on On Lan Street
by christine

2009年11月19日 星期四

Ads from Volkswagen

Just receive it from cosmogirl e-news!

I found it is clever that match the consumers personality to their goods!

Actually it is a ads from Volkswagen. They are promoting the C side of their products.

When you enter the site, there is a psychological test that you can drive yourself to different side and finally you can find what type of person you are.

It is trick that you have to leave your information to them and get the test results!

So clever are they as I left!!!!!

But, it still very interesting and want to share with you guys!!!



2009年11月16日 星期一

A|X:TV launched !

This Fall, Armani Exchange launched AX:TV, an online video platform, which targets the AX Generation. Giving us an inside look at the hottest people, looks, and lifestyle of the behind-the-scenes of fashion with the new AX:TV from Armani Exchange. Customers can visit the online store or website to check the latest items after watching the video on the same website.

Dolce&Gabbana L'eau the One by Scarlett Johansson

Here is the new fragrance campaign-L'eau the One by Scarlett Johansson

Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johanson is becoming the new face of Dolce & Gabbana The One and L'eau The One. Together with new Rose The One fragrance, Scarlett collaborated on three campaigns with director Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

Art of Trench by burbery

To celebrate the iconic Burberry trench coat, Burberry launched this artoftrench.com this November.
It is a new digital platform with social networking functionality. The site will be an ongoing project between Burberry and some of the world’s leading image makers, building a living testament to the trench coat with regular collaborations being announced. Burberry will invite site users to submit their own portraits to feature on the site, creating a body of images reflecting personal trench coat style across the globe.
The site aims to capture the emotional connection behind our distinctive outerwear heritage. Everybody has a different story related to their coat or the first time they came into contact with one - I love the idea that people from all over the world can share those stories and images with each other and all the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it."
more info. : www.artoftrench.com

Latest Ad campaign of Christian Dior

Complete Lady Dior campaign promoting their Lady Rouge collection with their front Marion Cotillard photographed world-renowned fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz. Due to cutbacks Dior did not release a fall winter ready-to-wear campaign, instead luxury house focused on accessory promotion. The handbags collection named "Lady Rouge". What a gorgeous print Ad!


2009年11月15日 星期日

Esprit puts effort in revitalizing its image

Esprit Peking Road flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Some shots of the Esprit Peking Road flagship store. The LED lighting on the outwall is spectacular! It is really eye-catching. I think Esprit is revitalizing its brand image. More emphasis were put on friendship and lifestyle. The first clue is the lighting showed some images of pigeons, "peace" & "freind" in different languages, promoting freindship and peace.

Some images of the window displays. The theme is to celebrate. It was read from newspaper that there will be a countdown party held by Esprit.

Thirdly, I remember that there was an online ad on yahoo.com.hk during mid Oct, telling the public that the Esprit flagship store was opening on 17 Oct. In the ad, there was a slogan for Espirt : A Friendship . A Story. A Dream.I clicked the ad to check for details. Here is the image I saved.

It asked everyone to celebrate friendship in this opening event. I think it makes people think Esprit is a brand about enjoying life. Friendship and dream are real values in life.Esprit becomes a kind of lifestyle.
The forth clue is the link of HK Esprit. It is changed to http://www.espritfriends.com/

Another clue is the blog I found online. http://www.alivenotdead.com/esprithk It is a blog linking to other artists, sharing the latest news of Esprit and acting as a way to encourage other blogers to join the activities it holds. It is a wise means to gain more awareness of its target groups and merge with art and lifestyle.
There was a New Face video competition. The theme is telling stories about friendship. The wining videos are available at http://www.espritfriends.com/winners.aspx.

Now, a year of the Tiger tee design competition for ESPRIT is calling for entry. It is being advertised on alivenotdead.com.

by Chanice

GAGA Bad Romance X Alexander McQueen's Plato's Atlantis

Come on come on fashion baby!
The lastest MCQ collection was on GaGa's new mv - Bad Romance!

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance


Alexander McQueen's Plato's Atlantis

The 10-inch shoes look crazy!


The MV looks gorgeous!!
MCQ sponsored the customs for GaGa's MV
and Bad romance - lastest song from GaGa was in the MCQ fashion show
Gaga X MCQ do create noise!
They got a mutual benefit on promotion :)


2009年11月10日 星期二

Uniqlo heattech box

This paper box is the attached gift of local fashion magazine, East touch
It's a bit tricky as the box only printed with November and December calendar.
Uniqlo use this to remind coming winter and its time to try its latest 'Heat Tech' products.


2009年11月9日 星期一

Love Tarot Fever @ Harbour City

I've found an interesting fragrance promotion in Harbour City when I went shopping on last Saturday.
This promotion provides another kind of alternative for girls to choose an appropriate fragrance to themselves. This is the co-operation promotion event by Loewe X Nickel X Lanvin, which is called Love Tarot Forever. It helps you to find out the fragrance that is the most suitable for your personality. As long as customers who are interested in, he/she can pay for $100 registration fee and these payment would directly transfer to the products that you purchase.

I think this event is very interesting since many people, especially female consumers in Hong Kong are very superstitious. Some consumers may not have ideas or preference in choosing a particular brands. The event can help to promote the fragrance and capture these consumers. Moreover, some consumers may join the event as the Tarot can help them to find the most suitable fragrance to them. Actually the event can be viewed as a kind of customization services and to build up the brand images.


2009年11月8日 星期日

ELLE magazine 22th anniversary

November is the 22th anniversary of ELLE magazine, ELLE has many and many celebration activities, for the anniversary issue magazine, ELLE invite three local designers to design three unique scarves for ELLE magazine, which is a crossover between designer and magazine media, on one hand it can promote the magazine, on the other it can also promote the designer.

Moreover, in this anniversary issue, there is an attachment from TOUS, which is the shopping guide of TOUS for fall winter 09/10.

by suet

2009年11月7日 星期六

Body Shop Love Etc Promotion

Recently my sister has participated in a workshop to make an art decoration. At first I found it nothing special because she is a fine art student. Then, she told me that the workshop is actually organized by Body Shop to promote its new fragrance - Love Etc.

This is a youth design exhibition organized by the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and Body Shop. The pariticipate teenagers had to create a large piece of art work that embraces or symbolises LOVE. All the ark pieces were displayed at Festival Walk last month.

This is the decoration produced by my sister and her friend.

These are some of works from other participants.

The participants with their works.

I think this promotion way is qutie effective in promoting its new product. The theme of the exhibiton can express the message of its new fragrance. Meanwhile, the exhibition helps to promote teenagers' creativity which also enhances the positive image of Body Shop.

Besides, my sister got a big heart-shaped card after the workshop. You are asked to sign on the card to promise to share love with others. You can bring that card to Body Shop store with your signature to get a 2ml sample of 'Love Etc' fragrance. Then, you can pass the card to your friends to share this favor. The card can gather around 20 signatures. The last one who got this card can even receive the 30ml standard size fragrance. I can't take the picture of the card because my sister has passed it to her friends.

This is the sample fragrance that my sister received.

This is really an interesting promotion way, although the effectiveness may not be very high. The message is transmitted through the circulation on the card. In normal case, you would pass the card to someone who is interested in buying fragrance because she would get a sample. This would increase the chance for her to buy the product. However, this would not work if the card receiver is selfish. She could sign all the names by herself and get the largest gift. The transmittion could end in the beginning of circulation when this selfish person occurs. I don't know how many cards Body Shop has distributed, but the reachness of target audiences is probably lower than putting a advertising poster.

On the other hand, I saw the advertisement of this fragrance in Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Exit A this week.

This is the digital esculator advertisement. Although it may not be new to you, it has been introduced in Hong Kong for just a year. This creative communication platform allows people to enjoy multiple visual and audio effects. It also enhance the flexibility and improve the richness of an advertisement. I believe that it would be a trend in promotion.

By Annie